Who can see my profile?

Only neighbors that you interact with can see your profile picture and name. Those interactions may include introducing yourself, sharing video or sending messages.

How are cameras shared?

Nothing is shared without your explicit approval first. There are two different types of camera sharing:

  1. 24/7 Camera Sharing
    This is done through the cameras tab. If you choose to share a camera with someone then they will have full access to that camera, including DVR.

  2. On-Request Sharing
    On-request sharing is enabled from your profile page (the one you just came from). This allows your neighbors to request specific blocks of time. You may either allow or deny each request as you see fit. If you do not want requests for that camera, turn the "Others Can Request Access" toggle off.

How big is my neighborhood?

Your neighborhood is specific to you. It is defined by the circle you see on the map tab. These are the people that you can share cameras with and send posts to. We help protect your privacy by keeping your neighborhood boundaries small.

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